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Total Body Strength/

Group Pilates Equipment


HIIT Fit + Core/

Group Pilates Equipment




  Total Body Strength BarreSculpt  
Tuesday TRX Core Training Total Body Strength

Pure TRX






Mat Pilates


RowZone  Group Pilates Equipment  

Metacon Max/ Group Pilates Equioment

HIIT Fit + Core  
Thursday Barre Sculpt








Total Body Strength/

Group Pilates Equipment

Special Classes- see MINDBODY



Group Pilates Equipment


Metacon Max


Special Classes- see MINDBODY




  8am 9am  10am          


Weekend Warrior Bootcamp


Total Body Strength Down Syndrome Class          
  8am 9am            
Sunday Group Pilates Equipment POUND            



Have a suggestion for a class and/or a time slot you'd like to see on the schedule? Shoot us an email at

We also offer many special classes like the Pound n' Pour at ABC Mechanicsburg, Yoga for Stress & Anxiety, ACL Workshops for teen athletes, and much more.  Check out MINDBODY for those and follow our events on Facebook.


Please go to our MINDBODY site to book and pay for your classes. Online registration is required and we ask that you cancel your reservation in MINDBODY if your plans change as many of our sessions get full. Late cancellations/no shows may result in a charge to your account.


We have several certified Personal Trainers and many training time slots throughout the day. If you'd prefer personal training or duo training with a friend, please call or email us to schedule a free consultation.





Class/ Small Group Training Descriptions


Metacon Max-

This is our brand new small group workout which combines low impact cardiovascular intervals on the rowers with strength and conditioning exercises off of them.  You'll leave this workout feeling fitter than when you walked in the door with a metabolism that is revved up and ready to keep working for you!  If you haven't been on a rower before, please arrive 15 minutes early so that we can set you up, or look for an Intro to Rowing class in MINDBODY. 



Row Zone- 

This 30 minute workout is a pure rowing workout! After a warm-up, you'll hop on the rowers and complete various drills and intervals to get achieve a low impact cardio workout.  If you haven't been on a rower before, please arrive 15 minutes early, or look for an Intro to Rowing class in MINDBODY.




This is our own special creation designed to give you a challenging & effective total body conditioning workout. This 45 minute bootcamp-like workout uses circuits with both strength and cardio movements to get you fitter and stronger. We utilize free weights, bands, balls, battleropes, TRX, plus body weight movements like burpees and push-ups, of course!  This and Metacon Max are the epitome of a "bang for your buck" workout!




Barre Sculpt- 

This 45 minute class take traditional barre class exercises and puts an Omni touch on them. You'll tuck, plie, and pulse your way through a challenging full-body workout with an emphasis on hips and core. Bands, balls, and light dumbbells will be used in this low impact but challenging workout. 


HIIT Fit + Core-  

This 45 minute class combines high intensity interval training with specialized core training to make for a workout designed to burn calories, increase cardiovascular fitness, rev the metablism, and work on our most vital muscle groups (our Powerhouse) at the same time. 




Get ready to rockout as you workout! In this 45 minute class, you'll grab some Ripstix (lightly weighted drum sticks made especially for POUND) and drum to the beat of awesome music while you squat, lunge, bridge and work your core. This workout combines cardio and strength conditioning with lots of smiles and laughs. It's hard to describe the whole experience really. You've got to try it!


Total Body Strength-

The name says it all- this 45 minute workout is focused solely on resistance training using weights. This session is led by a Personal Trainer and all levels are welcome as we can coach the individual in proper form and weight selection. Strength training is key to physique change, better functional movement, and even fat loss. We can't recommend this session enough!




This 30 minute session is all TRX and a perfect quick but effective workout. Space is limited.


TRX Core Training 

45 minute session combines total body TRX exercises with dedicated core work both on and off the straps. This is a great place for beginners to start as it's imperative to get the core muscles strong to enable the rest of our body to build strength. 


Pilates Group Equipment-

This 45 minute small group session utilizes the Pilates Reformer, Chair, Jumpboard and other equipment to deliver a full-body workout that will strengthen the core, lengthen muscles, increase mobility, and enhance the mind/body connection. First session is $10 so try it out- it may be a game changer for you.









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