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TRX Strong*



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Pilates Sculpt



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Friday TRX Strong*  


Total Body

Strength Training








Weekend Warrior Bootcamp


Sunday POUND                



Please note that our summer schedule is lighter- the other 10:20 & 11:30am classes will return on the next schedule which begins August 27th.  Upper Cut & Rock Bottom will return then as well. We wanted the summer schedule to have all full-body workouts based on client attendance. 


Check out MINDBODY for our youth fitness training sessions!


* Small Group Training. Spots are limited so sign up early and make sure you purchase the small group rate in MINDBODY.


Have a suggestion for a class and/or a time slot you'd like to see on the schedule? Shoot us an email at


Please go to our MINDBODY site to book and pay for your classes. Online registration is required. An instructor may not be at the studio if no one is registered.


We have several certified Personal Trainers and many training time slots throughout the day. If you'd prefer personal training or duo training with a friend, please call or email us to schedule a free consultation.





Class Descriptions


Moving for Wellness-

55 minute class that offers an effective but more gentle workout for those who need modifications and less impact.  Low impact aerobics, resistance training, balance, and flexibility are all addressed in this class. A great option for those new to exercise or returning after pregnancy or injury, senior individuals, those with certain conditions such as arthtritis or MS, and just anyone whose body needs this type of workout. 




This is our own special creation designed to give you a challenging & effective total body conditioning workout. This bootcamp-like workout uses circuits with both strength and cardio movements to get you fitter and stronger. We utilize bars/plates, dumbbells, bands, balls, battleropes, TRX, plus body weight movements like burpees and push-ups, of course!  In nicer weather, we take this workout outside and add in speed and footwork drills. This session is designed by our personal trainers to be a metabolic conditioning workout and it will get you results if you commit to regular attendance. 




Pilates Sculpt- 

This 55 minute class is a hybrid of traditional Pilates core exercises and upper and lower body toning exercises that you'd find in a Barre class. We'll start with standing lower body work with small isometric movements to tone the legs and glutes and finish each session on the mat with Pilates exercises such as the 100, roll-up, teaser, and more.  This class is an exhilarating and invigorating full body workout!



PiYo is a Beachbody program which they describe as a fusion of Pilates & Yoga. We feel it's similar to some barre classes as well! It's an hour long flowing low-impact workout that gets the heart pumping and tones muscles. 



Get ready to rockout as you workout! In this 45 minute class, you'll grab some Ripstix (lightly weighted drum sticks made especially for POUND) and drum to the beat of awesome music while you squat, lunge, bridge and work your core. This workout combines cardio and strength conditioning with lots of smiles and laughs. It's hard to describe the whole experience really. You've got to try it!


Total Body Strength Training-

The name says it all- this 55 minute workout is focused solely on resistance training using weights. This session is led by a Personal Trainer and all levels are welcome as we can coach the individual in proper form and weight selection. Strength training is key to physique change, better functional movement, and even fat loss. We can't recommend this session enough!





Small Group Training



Rock Bottom- (will return August 27th)

45 minute lower body-focused strength training. Yup, it's leg day! We'll completely work the legs and glutes using various bodyweight and weighted exercises including squats, lunges, thrusts, and more.  Sessions are led by Personal Trainers and emphasize good form and individual coaching. 



Upper Cut- (will return August 27th)

45 minute upper body-focused strength training. Time to hit the arms, back, and chest! Sessions are led by Personal Trainers and emphasize good form and individual coaching.




This 30 minute session is all TRX and a great way to spend part of your lunch hour. Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30.


TRX Strong-

This 45 minute session combines the TRX suspension trainer with other strength equipment such as barbells and kettlebells to get a full-body strength conditioning workout.  This workout gets results. 8 participant max.









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