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At Omni, we know that nutrition is just as important as exercise when weight loss is the goal.  That is why we wanted to have a sound nutrition program in place for clients who need help with the day to day challenges of healthy eating.  April Tabor, ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, is equipped to help you, whatever your goals may be. We can provide a plan for everyone from the busy parent who needs ideas for quick & healthy meals to the endurance athlete who needs a nutrition program to power their intense training schedule.

Please call or email to schedule a free no-obligation consultation to talk about your needs & goals and what our personalized plan can do for you. 

No shakes, supplements, powders, drinks, etc. are promoted or sold at Omni.




As a Fitness Professional, it's always frustrating to hear someone say they'd like to join a fitness facility but they feel they need to get in shape FIRST! Agh! That is what we are for- to help you get in shape! But we'd be remiss to not recognize that many people feel this way, and rather than try to convince them otherwise, we'd just like to help. And that's how the OMNI-AT-HOME program came about.  This is for someone who can use some outside motivation, but isn't quite ready for working out with others yet.  If you choose OMNI-AT-HOME, we will provide you with personalized workouts you can do at home with minimal equipment, as well as nutritional guidance, online support, and plenty of motivation, for a very reasonable rate.  The goal would be to get you comfortable working out at home and hopefully see you at the studio when you feel ready. Please call or email to schedule your free consultation to see if this program can be helpful to you. 

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