Sports Performance Enhancement Training

At Omni Fitness

Athletic Performance Development is a Sport's Performance Enhancement Company, and Omni Fitness's new parent company. Chris Palmer, the founder and owner of APD, is a seasoned Sports Performance Coach who has worked with several high school and organizational sports teams and hundreds of athletes in his 5+ years experience. 

Teams and Organizations Trained by Athletic Performance Development

  • Lower Dauphin High School Boy's Basketball- Strength and Speed Program
  • Hershey Soccer Club- Speed Training

Speed Training

Speed is essential to almost all sports. Most coaches give all their attention to acceleration, however they do not teach their ahtletes how to slow themselves down, which increases their risk for non-contact injury. Athletic Performance Development focuses on all aspects of speed- acceleration, deceleration, and re-acceleration.

Strength Training

Strength is the cornertone to our body's development. Athletic Performance Development focuses on building a well rounded, durable athlete. Strength training increases an athlete's explosion, power, and speed, necessities to enhancing sports performance.

Mobility Training

Developing proper form and movement mechanics is essential to the physical success of athletes. Athletic Performance Development utilizes ahtlete assessments and video analysis to determine an athlete's injury risk and create a program to address these deficincies. Through private and small group training settings we ensure that athletes are exercising with proper form and movement to develop these skills.

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