At Omni, we know that nutrition is just as, if not more important as exercise for health and weight management. That is why we need to have a sound nutrition program in place to help our clients. April Tabor, Precision Nutrition Coach and ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist, is equipped to help you, whatever your goals may be. We also can refer you to other professionals if you need assistance outside of our scope of practice.

Our program is tailored to the individual with changes implemented in manageable steps to set you up for success using science-backed research. The result will be new habits and lifestyle approaches that will stay with you for the long haul, help get you out of the cycle of restrictive dieting and form a more positive relationship with food. Behavior awareness, intuitive eating approaches, and letting go of ingrained food rules are a large part of our program.

Please call or email to schedule a free no-obligation consultation to learn more.

No shakes, supplements, powders, drinks, etc. are promoted or sold at Omni. This is not a quick fix program, but it is one that works for those who make the committment.




For those who prefer to exercise at home but would like the help of a professional, we offer virtual personal training via Zoom. We have been training clients this way for a couple of years now and they are often our most consistent clients. It is effective method of training and it saves you time. You do not need a large space or lots of equipment; we can help you based on your goals and whatever you have available to you. Please call 717-401-5500 to learn more.

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