A Good Nutrition Coach Should Help You:

 EAT:  Improve food intake and the quality of that intake without feeling deprived, restricted, or by         using intense diets.

MOVE:  Improve overall energy output and to achieve higher activity levels, regardless of your fitness   level or ability.

DITCH:  Remove constraints, uprooting stigma, and ditching diet culture once and for all is part of the   role and responsibility of a coach who customizes options and coaching for you.

EMPOWER:  Make choices from a place of self-trust and intuition takes practice, trust, and guidance   from a nutritionist or professional nutrition coach.

ACHIEVE:  Get results from your programming, habit practice, and coaching sessions that align with   your values and goals.

MAINTAIN:  Learn the keys to sustainable and maintainable change in the long term, not just for the   here and now.

Hiring a nutritional coach is a personal decision and it can be for just about anyone looking for the guidance, direction, motivation, and accountability that you’re not receiving in your daily life. If you have a goal, and are unsure how to achieve it with the power of food, then nutrition coaching is for you. If you are tired of diets, not achieving results, not happy with your body, have health markers or goals you’d like to achieve, and you don’t know how to get those things on your own, then you’re a great candidate for nutrition coaching.

Below you’ll find some services that are offered. As always feel free to contact Gretchen directly at 717-602-7084 or via email at gloates@msn.com.

General Nutrition Education

Macro Coaching

Nutrient Timing

Weight Loss
Fat Loss
Muscle Gain
Body Recomposition
Support with Life Changes/Aging

Supporting Workouts


Gretchen Oates is well known for pushing the limits and being transformative with her workouts. Nutrition is what transformed her body, and sharing her nutritional expertise with people is her passion. Gretchen’s philosophy does not restrict any food groups and allows for daily life to happen.

Omni Fitness is exciting to be collaborating with Gretchen to offer nutrition coaching services to Omni’s members.

GFIT Nutrition does have a Facebook Page open to the public, if you would like to check her out. To schedule a consultation with Gretchen, feel free to contact her at 717-602-7084 or via email at gloatesg@msn.com.