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"I have been going to Omni since the spring of 2021. I had recently retired and was out of shape. Not knowing where or how to start getting fit I joined Omni. What a wonderful experience it has been. April has helped with knee pain and getting me into overall good shape.  She listens to what you say and works on improvements each personnel training session.  I can not stress the positive impact this has had on life. I am now hiking, seeing an improvement in my golf game, my doctor visits have yielded better results and overall I am healthy and happier. Thank you Omni."

- Carla M.



"Omni is high quality fitness! I’ve done personal training with April going on two years. She is very knowledgeable and her attention to detail is next level. The gym is so clean and inviting. Highly recommend!"

- Megan C.



"April uses such a nice balance of sensitivity and toughness in her personal training style. Just what I need! Kathy’s ability to personalize her Pilates class to individual needs without disrupting the flow of the class has made it so easy to jump into. I’m very happy to have discovered Omni!"

- Diana M.


"Omni Fitness focuses on health and fitness for each client. This facility offers more individualized attention than what clients may find at large gyms. The small group classes are a good fit to get that group atmosphere while also allowing for attention from the instructor. The personal training team brings energy and experience to help you achieve your goals. Omni Fitness is also a friendly and welcoming facility for everyone."

- Kara E.



"I've been training with April for a bit over a year now. As I am giving thanks at the end of this year, let me tell you in how many ways she has impacted my life:
- I am now looking forward to exercising! She always leaves me with some juice left so I don't go about my day exhausted or sore.
- She has adjusted exercises on the spot multiple times, depending on my bodily misgivings (for instance sore back after plane flights, old hip injury flaring up, etc.)
- I've never felt old. There were trainers before who have said insensitive things like "at your age, one cannot expect[...]" With April, I feel happy to be in my body, and expanding its possibilities without being judged.
- I am now the queen of squats and bridges. That served me well in vacations where sanitary conditions required weird positions.
- I need a minimum of equipment and room to give all muscles attention, cardiac included. With just five sets of weights, 4yds by 2 yds of space, and a yoga mat, I get everything my body needs (I am a Zoom client, I live in North Dakota.)
- Last but not least, I lost 30 lbs in 6 months, when I was finally ready to heed all the good advice I got from April and have kept it off.
Thank you, April, I am feeling so much better as I contentedly age!"


- Gabriela B. 



"I’ve been going to Omni a little over 2 years now training with April. It’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself hands down. April is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, & dedicated at what she does. She inspires me in so many ways. Her team is just as dedicated & amazing. During quarantine the Omni Team started doing virtual classes & some days it was what kept me in a positive mindset & kept me moving. The vibe at Omni is warm, inclusive, & no judgements. I highly recommend Omni. It’s definitely one of my happy places."

- Sheena L.


"Our family loves Omni. I started going about 4 years ago and since then my children have started going also. Omni does a great job of pushing us all, keeping us in shape, and working to all of our different ability levels. In addition, they have been great working with my son who is working to overcome a significant back injury. April has been working with him since he completed his PT and not only is he stronger but he can make it through an entire soccer game now which he couldn’t do last Fall, and he has regained his confidence in himself on the field. I would highly recommend Omni to anyone, regardless of their fitness level."

- Meghan B. 




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