Omni's New Owner

Meet Chris Palmer

Owner Athletic Performance Development LLC, DBA Omni Fitness

Sports Performance and Fitness Coach

B.S. Exercise Science

Hello Everyone,

My name is Chris Palmer, and I am the owner of Athletic Performance Development LLC, which is a Sports Performance Enhancement Company, specializing in Strength and Speed Training for student athletes, teams, and organizations. I have 5+ years of experience in the Sports Performance and Fitness field, spending 3 of those years as the Manager and Head Coach of a Small Business Sports Performance Facility. Along with this experience, I have my Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science with an ongoing pursuit of my Master's Degree in Athlete Development Management.

Throughout my career I have worked with many middle and high school level athletes, teams, and organizations, along with several college and semi-pro level athletes. I have programmed and trained athletes and sports teams that include baseball, softball, soccer, football, wrestling, tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, swimming, and field hockey.

I specialize in enhancing strength, speed, power, and injury mitigation through proper form and mechanics training. I am looking to build Omni Fitness into a community of student athletes and adults alike, looking to improve their sports performance, fitness, and/or overall health! 

Fitness: My passion for fitness started with my love for baseball. Once I reached high school, I realized I needed to add strength and speed training to my weekly regimen to reach my fullest potential. I share this same passion in helping others reach their person sports and fitness goals. 

Community: We are a small business located in Central, PA. We strive to provide a clean and safe environment where members of the community can come and train to be the best desired version of their self.

Additionally, being a small business within the community, we feel a strong desire to be able to support different non-profits within the community. In October of 2021 I combined my passion for fitness with my belief in helping the community and organized the UpHill 100, an event where I bear crawled a 70 yard hill 100 times to raise money for Owen's Foundation. Keep a lookout for future events and partnerships to help our community!

Health:  Being healthy is a success that many people forget to celebrate. At Omni we want to be the fitness club that celebrates you and your accomplishments---whether it’s just generally feeling stronger or if it’s a more specific goal like being able to finish a 5K, getting over a fitness phobia, or just being injury free.

Wellness:  We want you to feel like you’re thriving and just not surviving. By offering a welcoming environment with great trainers and class instructors, we hope that physical fitness will feel more like FUN and not so much a “check the box” type of activity.

So Come Join Us at Omni and Together We’ll be Omni Strong!!