Omni's New Owners

Meet Dan and Heather Jenkins

I know, soooo not the photo you were expecting, but we wanted to introduce ourselves as authentically as possible. Aside from being Omni’s New Owners, we are active pet parents to Jericho, Keva, and Sherman. Without our foundation in fitness, we would never been able to handle such a motley trifecta… us😊

We hope that you will give us and Omni a chance! As the new owner’s it’s important to us to have a fitness club that promotes the following:

Home: We want both current and future members to feel like Omni is a second home for them where they can build social connections/valued friendships while building physical and mental health.

Community: We are a small business located in Central, PA. We strive to provide a clean and safe environment where members of the community can come and train to be the best desired version of their self.

Additionally, being a small business within the community, we feel a strong desire to be able to support different non-profits within the community. Be on the lookout in the future for different opportunities to support local organizations.

Health:  Being healthy is a success that many people forget to celebrate. At Omni we want to be the fitness club that celebrates you and your accomplishments---whether it’s just generally feeling stronger or if it’s a more specific goal like being able to finish a 5K, getting over a fitness phobia, or just being injury free.

Wellness:  We want you to feel like you’re thriving and just not surviving. By offering a welcoming environment with great trainers and class instructors, we hope that physical fitness will feel more like FUN and not so much a “check the box” type of activity.

So Come Join Us at Omni and Together We’ll be Omni Strong!!